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The Ultimate Guide to Skin Care Tools

In the pursuit of glowing and healthy skin, a comprehensive skin care routine is necessary. However, premium quality products alone do not suffice; using suitable tools can take your skin care to another level. From age-old solutions to modern advancements, skin care tools have expanded their scope to cater to various requirements thereby ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your beauty treatments.

Let’s delve into the world of skin care tools, exploring their benefits and how they can revolutionize your beauty routine.

Gua Sha Tools

These flat smooth stones originally from Chinese medicine are usually made of jade or rose quartz. When they are gently scraped across your face, they help drain lymphatic fluid moving around that area thereby reducing inflammation while sculpting facial contours too at the same time. Regular usage of gua sha skin care tools can not only fade away fine lines and wrinkles but also make your skin more elasticized with a better tone.

Check out our collection of Rest and Digest Gua Sha Tools.

Hayo'u Gua Sha Body Restorer

Unwind tensed muscles using the Hayo'u Gua Sha Body Restorer. This stainless steel gua sha is made for instant relief through the promotion of blood flow as well as lymphatic drainage which helps in relieving deep-seated muscular stress and improving tissue cell oxygenation. Use this skin care tool for intense stress-relieving treatments after workouts or long days. You can also try out the Hayo'u Body Oil which contains almond oil and has been formulated to be used with the Body Restorer so as to have a holistic relaxation experience.

Hayo'u Gua Sha Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

Re-energize your skin by incorporating into your routine the cooling effect brought about by Hayo'u Gua Sha Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer. Made from rose quartz that brings a calming effect, this skin care tool promotes energy balance and supports better circulation thereby enhancing lymphatic drainage hence leaving one with a firmer, lifted, sculpted appearance on their skin. It helps reduce fine lines, and wrinkles visibility and is perfect for sensitive or inflamed skin types. Pair with Hayo'u Beauty Oil; an animal-friendly formula enriched with almond oil for ultimate rejuvenation. 

Hayo'u Gua Sha Rose Quartz Precision Tool

The Hayo'u Gua Sha Rose Quartz Precision Tool can pinpoint the sensitive areas of your eyes and mouth with accuracy. This unique skin care tool made of cooling rose quartz helps blood circulation and lymphatic drainage resulting in youthful looks. Smooth out lines and wrinkles while soothing, uplifting, plumping, and sculpting them for revived skin at the beginning of every day.

Cleansing Brushes

Cleansing brushes penetrate deeper into your pores than traditional methods thereby removing dirt, oil, and makeup effectively. Soft bristles present on these brushes exfoliate gently leaving behind a fresh feeling on your face which also becomes smoother because of it. People with oily or acne-prone skin greatly benefit from this type of skin care tool because not only does it prevent breakouts but also shrinks enlarged pores thereby minimizing their appearance.

Be sure to check out the Rest and Digest cleansing brushes below.

Body Brush By Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk Dry Body Brush is designed to energize your skin. At a length of 39 cm, width of 4 cm, and height of 7 cm, this brush stimulates blood flow as well as removes dead cells leaving behind soft, radiant-looking skin that is smooth to touch. Add this product to your skin care routine for an invigorating effect.

Iris Hantverk Dry Face Brush

Get back that healthy glow by using the Iris Hantverk Dry Face Brush! It’s small enough to fit comfortably in your hand with dimensions measuring 17.5 cm in length, 4.5 cm in wi,dth and 3 cm in height. This gentle exfoliator works wonders on oily or dirty areas removing them so you’re left feeling refreshed. To keep clean, sprinkle cornstarch onto the brush once a week massaging in then shaking out any excess powder.

Facial Rollers

In recent times, facial rollers have become one of the most common skin care tools due to their ability to promote blood circulation, reduce puffiness as well as support lymphatic drainage. The rolling motion gently wakes up blood flow which can lead to a brighter complexion and decrease under eye bags. Moreover, when applied with skin care products, they increase absorption into deeper layers of the skin hence optimizing their functions.

Microcurrent Devices

Microcurrent devices are designed to stimulate face muscles using electric current at low levels which leads to better firmness and tone. These skin care tools lift and loosen the skin, minimize wrinkle appearance as well as improve the general contour of the whole face by imitating natural electrical currents in the body. This therapy can be used regularly and produces visible effects hence it is preferred by many who want non-invasive anti-aging skin care equipment.

LED Light Therapy Devices

Using LED light therapy devices, different wavelengths of light are emitted into the skin at various depths which helps in targeting specific concerns about skin care. Commonly, red light is used to stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation while blue light fights bacteria that cause acne leading to a clearer complexion. Adding LED light therapy to your daily beauty routine will contribute greatly towards a healthier appearance of your skin as a whole by dealing with different problems ranging from aging signs to pimples. 


Microneedling, also known as derma rollers, is a device that has small needles that create tiny skin injuries to trigger the body’s natural healing process. It does so by producing collagen and elastin which makes the skin smooth and firm while improving its texture too. These skin care tools are effective in reducing scars, hyperpigmentation as well as fine lines thus making them useful to any anti-aging routine.

Facial Steamers

Facial steamers direct warm streams of mild vapor toward the skin thereby opening up pores and softening dirt allowing easy cleansing and exfoliation. Besides, it also serves as a natural hydrator which increases blood flow resulting in a dewy, glowing complexion on your face. Regular steaming sessions can also act as a catalyst for absorption rates of other products used during facial care routines aiding them to work better while promoting healthy overall dermal defenses against external elements.

Adding skin care tools such as those mentioned above can take one’s skin care routine from good to great resulting in that enviable glow we all crave for. Whether you want increased blood flow throughout the body, diminished signs of age showing up on your face, or just some self-indulgence after a long week of work, there is something out there waiting for you. By investing in quality skin care tools and using them consistently, you can achieve lasting results and enjoy the glow of healthy, radiant skin.