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Better Tea 5 x Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bags


Were you aware that a staggering 96% of commercial tea bags are infused with polypropylene plastic? Opting for these reusable teabags presents an excellent solution to reduce waste while simplifying the brewing process for loose tea (or even coffee!).

Rest assured that these innovative teabags will leave no unwanted particles in your beverage. To use them, simply add one generous teaspoon of your favourite loose leaf tea into the teabag, secure it by pulling on the drawstring, and steep it in either your mug or teapot. A benefit of the bag is that you can alter the strength of the tea by adding or reducing the amount of tea.

Once finished, easily clean them by turning them inside out for rinsing or washing purposes – allowing you to enjoy their benefits repeatedly.

This set includes 5 reusable teabags that can be conveniently stored in the included mesh pouch.

Crafted from 100% natural unbleached cotton fabric, these teabags are not only easy to rinse and wash but also contribute towards zero waste as they can be composted at the end of their lifecycle.

Instructions for washing: Begin by turning the items inside out and disposing of the tea in a compost. To prevent stains, soak the items in cold water. Next, you have the option to either machine wash or hand wash them in cold water.

If choosing to hand wash, use a small amount of washing up liquid and rinse under the tap afterwards. Lay the items flat to dry. For a more thorough cleaning, soak the tea bag in a mixture of vinegar and water (either apple cider or white vinegar) with a ratio of 1 part vinegar to two parts water for several hours.

If the tea bag was used with milk, be sure to hand wash it after each use. However, if no milk was used, it can be rinsed and reused 1-2 times within the same day before needing to be hand washed.

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