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Iris Hantverk Body Brush


Introducing the luxurious bath body brush crafted from exquisite oak and horse hair, complete with a convenient handle. The horse hair bristles are carefully chosen for their exceptional qualities - gentle yet resilient, durable yet flexible. When paired with a high-quality soap, this dry body brush creates a velvety lather that indulges your senses and ensures a thorough cleanse. After use, simply hang or stand the body brush on its horsehair bristles to allow the water to effortlessly wick away from the delicate wood, preserving its beauty for years to come.

This brush can be used wet in the shower but our preferred use is as a dry body brush.

There are countless benefits to incorporating dry brushing into your self-care routine. Not only does it gently exfoliate and promote skin renewal, but it also keeps your pores clear and allows for easier release of dirt and toxins. Additionally, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation. Many people have found that it helps reduce stress and muscle tension while giving the skin a radiant softness.

We highly recommend delving into this subject to discover the method that suits you best. When engaging in dry brushing, ensure that you use a body brush that feels gentle against your skin. Initially, you may experience slight discomfort, but it quickly subsides as your skin adjusts.

If you choose to use the body brush in the shower, allow the brush to air dry with the bristles facing downward to prevent water from accumulating on the wooden part.


Length 39 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 7 cm


In order to eliminate any excess oil and dirt, it is recommended to sprinkle corn-starch on your brush once a week, massage it in, and then shake off the remaining amount.

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Body Brushing 101: The Benefits of Exfoliation for Beautiful Skin

Just like a polished gem that only reveals its sparkles after arduous scrubbing, your skin too can unlock radiance when treated with the right exfoliation technique. Welcome to the world of body brushing, where every stroke of the brush on your skin, from feet to neck, is a step towards more lustrous and healthier skin. Simultaneously known as dry brushing, it's not just an ancient practice resurrected but a modern addiction for a beauty regime that truly works wonders from the inside out. It also serves to invigorate your senses and stimulate your growth of fresh skin cells. Read on as we dive deep into the why, how, and benefits of this technique - your pathway for achieving beautifully glowing skin in the comfort of your home, based on countless positive reviews.

Body brushing, also known as exfoliation, is a skincare technique that involves using a dry body brush with natural bristles to gently scrub the skin in circular motions. This process helps improve circulation, remove dead skin cells, stimulate the lymphatic system, and enhance the absorption of skincare products. The act of body brushing may also aid in reducing cellulite. To use a body brush effectively, choose body brushes with natural bristles, perform brushing in gentle circular motions on dry skin before showering, and follow up with a moisturizer or body oil specifically designed for skincare to nourish the skin. Incorporate a body brush into your skincare routine 2-3 times per week for optimal results.

What is a Body Brush?

Body brushes have become increasingly popular in recent years as a skin care technique that offers numerous benefits for beautiful and radiant skin. The positive reviews by those who practice body brushing regularly stand testimony to its efficacy. But what exactly is body brushing, and how does it work?

Body brushing involves using a dry body brush with natural bristles to gently scrub the skin, typically in a circular motion. This process helps to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing smoother and healthier skin underneath.

Imagine waking up in the morning, grabbing your body brush, and starting to brush your skin from your feet all the way up towards your heart. The gentle bristles invigorate your senses, stimulating blood circulation, and detoxing your body which subsequently leads to you feeling refreshed and energized.

Did you know that body brushing has been practiced for centuries? Ancient Egyptians used brushes made from palm fronds to clean and exfoliate their skin. The history of skincare shows how exfoliation has always remained a constant ingredient in maintaining a radiant complexion.

When we age or have an accumulation of dead skin cells on our bodies, our complexion can appear dull and lackluster. Exfoliating through body brushing helps to slough off these dead cells, allowing new cells to regenerate more quickly. This process not only improves the appearance of our skin but also promotes better absorption of skin care products such as moisturizers or serums.

Think of exfoliation as a spring cleaning for your skin, as a detox process for your body's skin cells. This technique revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin, reducing cellulite and, in essence, transforming your skincare routine into an invigorating experience.Just like tidying up your living space, or using a scrubber to cleanse your kitchen sink, exfoliating removes the build-up of dirt and debris, revealing a fresh and glowing surface. Using a good body scrub helps to rejuvenate your skin by removing dead cells, thus preparing your skin to glow and shine.

Understanding 'Exfoliation'

Regular use of a body brush not only enhances the texture and appearance of our skin but can also help with various skincare concerns. It can reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, scrub away dead cells, minimize the appearance of cellulite, and even boost lymphatic drainage for a toned and sculpted look.

Imagine achieving smoother, rejuvenated skin and feeling more confident when wearing your favorite summer dress or lounging at the beach - the positive effect of a good body scrub. Dust off the unwanted dead cells with a good scrub routine.

When it comes to using a body brush, there are various tools available to suit different preferences and needs. The most commonly used tool for body brushing is a body brush with natural bristles or a scrubber, like a loofah. These brushes are typically made from materials like boar bristles or sisal fibers which offer the right balance of firmness and gentleness for removing the dead cells and exfoliating the skin.

Another popular option is using a dry brushing mitt or glove. Almost like a body scrub, these mitts are usually made from natural fibers like jute or sisal and are designed to be worn on the hand, allowing for easy control and maneuverability while exfoliating the skin.

For those who prefer a softer approach, a loofah or exfoliating sponge can be used to gently polish the skin. These sponges come in different textures, ranging from soft to coarse, allowing you to choose the level of intensity that suits your skin's sensitivity.

  • According to research by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, regular use of a body brush showed an increase in skin's overall appearance and elasticity in over 70% of participants.
  • A study published in Complementary Therapies In Medicine noted that consistent body brushing for a duration of five weeks resulted in significant reductions in lymphoedema, which affects lymphatic flow.
  • As per Dermatology Research and Practice, an estimated 45% of individuals observed a reduction in visible cellulite with regular use of a body brush.
  • Exfoliation is a crucial step in skincare that helps remove dead skin cells, improve complexion, and enhance the absorption of other skincare products. Body brushing is a gentle yet effective method of exfoliation that can rejuvenate the skin and address various skincare concerns such as ingrown hairs, cellulite, and lymphatic drainage. Regular body brushing can result in smoother skin and increased confidence during summer or beach outings.

Types of Tools: Brush, Sponge & More

Additionally, there are electric brushes available that utilize rotating or vibrating heads to provide a more automated and convenient exfoliation experience. While these electric scrubbers can be effective for removing dirty, dead cells, it's important to ensure they have adjustable settings to avoid excessive pressure on the skin.

Investing in good quality tools specifically designed for body brushing, like a loofah or a body scrub, ensures both effectiveness and longevity. It's worth considering factors such as material quality, handle design for ease of use, and bristle texture when selecting your preferred tool.

Choosing the right body brush tool is like selecting the perfect body scrub or loofah for a rejuvenating session - it's an essential tool that can greatly enhance the overall experience and results.

Regular body brushing offers numerous benefits for your skin health and overall well-being. Let's explore some of these benefits below:

Renewed Skin: A Body brush helps to scrub off and remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, promoting cell turnover and revealing fresh new skin. This can result in a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Improved Circulation: Brushing your skin stimulates blood flow, which can help to improve circulation. Enhanced blood flow nourishes the skin with oxygen and vital nutrients, promoting a healthy glow.

Benefits of Regular Skin Brushing

Lymphatic System Stimulation: The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins from our bodies. A Body brush helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification and reducing fluid retention.

  • Increased Absorption of Skincare Products: By exfoliating the skin with a dry body brush, you create a clean canvas that allows skincare products to be better absorbed. This maximizes their effectiveness and, like a good body scrub, allows them to penetrate deeply into the skin.
  • Regular body brushing, performed with the right body brushes, can become an enjoyable and effective part of your skincare routine, providing a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. This could even make a thoughtful gift to someone who loves skincare products. However, it's important to remember not to overdo it. Gentle dry brush treatments once or twice a week is usually sufficient to reap the benefits without irritating the skin. These treatments can help to detoxify the skin, increasing its smoothness and overall health.
  • For example, imagine stepping out of the shower after indulging in your weekly body brush session. The smooth feeling of your shoulders and other parts of your body, thanks to the dry brush, leaves you invigorated, soft to the touch, and ready to soak in all the goodness from your moisturizer or body oil. It's a self-care ritual that leaves you feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.
  • Now that we've explored the product used for body brushing and discussed the benefits it offers, let's dive deeper into the topic and understand proper techniques for effective exfoliation.

One of the primary benefits of using a body brush is the renewal it brings to your skin. By incorporating this exfoliation technique into your skincare routine, you can enjoy a multitude of benefits that contribute to beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

When you brush your skin using a body brush with natural bristles, you effectively remove dead skin cells from the surface. This process not only helps to reveal smoother and more radiant skin but also allows for better absorption of skincare products. With the elimination of dead skin cells, products like moisturizers and serums can penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin, maximizing their effectiveness and providing optimal hydration.

Additionally, a body brush stimulates blood circulation. As you brush your skin in gentle circular motions, you activate blood flow to the surface, bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to nourish your skin cells. Improved circulation can contribute to a healthier complexion by promoting cell turnover and aiding in the delivery of detoxifying nutrients to support overall skin health.

Renewed Skin and Improved Circulation

Imagine incorporating a body brush into your evening routine. As you take those soothing strokes over your arms, legs, and torso, you can feel a gentle tingling sensation on your skin. The stimulation from the brush invigorates your senses while simultaneously rejuvenating your complexion, making it feel smooth and refreshed.

Over time, as you make using a body brush a consistent practice, you may notice improvements in skin tone, texture, and evenness. Dullness and dryness may diminish, leaving behind soft and supple skin that glows with vitality. With renewed skin benefiting from improved circulation, body brushing amplifies the effectiveness of other skincare products you use as part of your daily routine.

Now that we've explored how body brushing promotes renewed skin and improved circulation let's discuss another significant benefit - reduction in cellulite and enhanced wellness.

Cellulite, often characterized by dimpled or bumpy skin, is a common concern that many individuals have. While the exact cause of cellulite is multifactorial and can include factors like genetics and lifestyle choices, body brushing has been recognized as an effective method to reduce its appearance.

By regularly stimulating the lymphatic system through body brushing, you can help improve the drainage of toxins and excess fluid that may contribute to the formation of cellulite. With consistent treatments, our skin can detoxify, appearing more smooth and healthy, which is another major benefit of body brushing.The gentle pressure of the brush, an essential ingredient akin to a treatment on your skin, aids in breaking down fatty deposits, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing circulation in specific areas prone to cellulite, such as the thighs and buttocks. With prolonged use, you'll notice an improvement in your skin's texture and the subtle glow reminiscent of skilfully used makeup.

Furthermore, body brushing promotes overall wellness by invigorating your body, mind, and equally contributing to effective skin care. The sensation of the bristles against your skin, akin to the calming effects of essential oils, can provide an energizing effect, making it an excellent addition to your morning routine. It can awaken your senses, stimulate blood flow, and help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Reduction in Cellulite and Enhanced Wellness

Think of a body brush as a rejuvenating massage and a wrinkle-minimizing treatment for your skin. Just as a massage helps relax tense muscles and improves blood flow to promote overall well-being, body brushing works in a similar manner but focuses specifically on your skin's health.

Consider a scenario where you've diligently incorporated body brushing, an essential ingredient in your skin care regimen, into your self-care routine. As you stand before your mirror after several weeks of regular brushing sessions, you notice a slight reduction in the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles in those stubborn areas that previously concerned you. It's an empowering moment that adds confidence to your stride.

So, if you're seeking not only beautiful skin but also enhanced wellness from within, adding a body brush, an essential tool just like your favorite makeup, to your skincare regimen may be worth considering.

Before diving into the world of the dry body brush, it's crucial to choose the right brush for your specific skin type. It's like picking the right makeup or skin care treatment for you; the type of brush you use can greatly impact the effectiveness and comfort of your body brushing routine. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a brush:

Bristle Type: Opt for brushes with natural bristles as they provide the perfect balance between effectiveness and gentleness, much like the soothing touch of essential oils. Natural bristles are typically made from materials like boar hair or plant fibers, such as sisal or cactus. These bristles have a mild exfoliating effect without being too harsh on the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles.

Strength and Texture: Consider the brush's strength and texture in relation to your skin sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, look for brushes with softer bristles that won't cause irritation or redness. For those with tougher skin, a brush with slightly firmer bristles, similar to the effect of an intense skin care treatment, may provide a more invigorating experience.

Choosing The Right Brush for Your Skin Type

Handle Design: The handle design should be comfortable and easy to grip, allowing you to maneuver the brush across your body effortlessly, just like one would with their favorite makeup brushes. Handles can come in various shapes and lengths - choose one that feels comfortable and fits well in your hand.

  1. Size: Brushes come in different sizes – from smaller brushes for targeted areas like the face to larger ones for exfoliating the entire body. Consider which areas of your body you want to focus on, just as you would while applying makeup, and select a brush size accordingly.
  2. Quality: Investing in a high-quality brush is essential for longevity and optimal results, just like high-quality makeup and skin care products. Look for brushes made with sturdy materials and durable craftsmanship to ensure they hold up well over time.
  3. Keep in mind that personal preference also plays a role in selecting the right brush for you, just as it does in choosing the right makeup and the best essential oils.
  4. Size: Brushes come in different sizes – from smaller brushes for targeted areas like the face to larger ones for exfoliating the entire body. Consider which areas of your body you want to focus on and select a brush size accordingly.
  5. Quality: Investing in a high-quality brush is essential for longevity and optimal results. Look for brushes made with sturdy materials and durable craftsmanship to ensure they hold up well over time.

Keep in mind that personal preference also plays a role in selecting the right brush for you. Experimentation may be necessary to find the perfect fit based on your unique skin needs and preferences.

Step-by-Step Guide to Brushing Your Body

Now that you have chosen the right brush, it's time to delve into the step-by-step process of body brushing. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose the Right Time: Body brushing is often done before showering or bathing when your skin is dry. This allows for better exfoliation and prevents the bristles from becoming too soft when wet.
  2. Start with Clean Skin: Ensure your skin is free from any lotions, oils, or creams before beginning the body brush session. This ensures that the brush can effectively remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation.
  3. Begin at Your Feet: Start brushing at your feet and work your way up towards your heart in long, sweeping motions. Use gentle pressure and avoid scrubbing too vigorously as it can cause irritation.
  4. Brush Towards Your Heart: Always brush towards your heart as this helps promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Brushing in upward strokes along the legs and arms, and circular motions on the abdomen are beneficial techniques to follow.
  5. Pay Attention to Sensitive Areas: Be mindful of sensitive areas like the chest, breasts, face, and any areas with skin conditions or open wounds. Use softer strokes or avoid those areas altogether if necessary.
  6. Rinse the Brush Regularly: To remove dead skin cells and ensure optimal hygiene, rinse your brush thoroughly after each use. Allow it to air dry completely before storing it in a clean, dry area.
  7. Moisturize After Brushing: After completing your body brush session, apply a nourishing moisturizer or body oil to replenish moisture and keep your skin hydrated.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to body brushing. Incorporate it into your skincare routine regularly for best results.

Pre-Brushing Tips

Before indulging in a body brushing session, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind. These pre-brushing rituals will help ensure that you derive maximum benefits from your exfoliation routine while minimizing any potential discomfort or irritation.

First and foremost, it's important to choose the right brush. Opt for a dry skin body brush with natural bristles that are firm but not overly rough. These types of brushes are specifically designed for exfoliation and will effectively remove dead skin cells without being too abrasive on your skin. You can find these brushes at most beauty supply stores or online.

Secondly, consider the timing and frequency of your dry body brush sessions. It is recommended to perform body brushing before showering when your skin is dry. This allows for a more thorough exfoliation and helps stimulate blood circulation. As for frequency, starting with two to three sessions per week is a good baseline. However, every individual's skin sensitivity and tolerance may vary, so adjust the frequency based on how your skin responds.

Let's say you have sensitive skin and notice some redness or irritation after body brushing. In this case, it might be best to reduce the frequency to once a week or switch to a gentler brush until your skin adjusts.

Pre-Brushing Tips
Choose a dry skin body brush with natural bristles.
Perform body brushing before showering on dry skin.
Start with two to three sessions per week and adjust based on your skin's response.

Now that you have your brush and have set the right time and frequency for your body brushing sessions, it's crucial to understand proper technique to avoid any unnecessary discomfort or damage to your skin.

Begin by starting at your feet and using gentle, upward strokes towards your heart. Always brush towards the center of your body, as this follows the natural flow of your lymphatic system and aids in drainage. Use circular motions on your abdomen and chest, and long sweeping strokes on your limbs. Be mindful of areas with sensitive or delicate skin, such as your face or breasts, and avoid brushing over any cuts or wounds.

Some people may find that using a body brush feels slightly uncomfortable at first, especially if they have never tried it before. However, with practice and gradually increasing pressure, it becomes a more pleasant experience. If you find the sensation too intense, start with lighter strokes and gradually increase the pressure as your skin adapts.

Keep in mind that exfoliation is a key component of body brushing to remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother, healthier skin. To enhance the benefits of body brushing further, some individuals opt to combine it with a coffee scrub or follow up the session with moisturizer or body oil. Experiment and find what works best for you in terms of supplementary skincare products.

Now that we have covered the pre-brushing tips for effective body brushing, let's move on to understanding post-brush care and maintenance to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Post-Brush Care and Maintenance

After completing your invigorating body brush session, it's important to take proper care of your skin to maintain its health and maximize the benefits of exfoliation.

Firstly, follow up your body brushing session with a warm shower or bath to wash away the loosened dead skin cells. This not only ensures cleanliness but also helps soothe the skin after stimulation from the brush. Aim to use a mild cleanser that won't strip away essential moisture.

Next, gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing vigorously. This gentle approach prevents unnecessary friction on newly exposed skin layers. Once dry, apply a moisturizer or body oil to replenish hydration levels and nourish your skin. Opt for products that are free of harsh chemicals and contain natural ingredients to promote overall skin health.

For instance, if you have dry skin, select a rich body butter or a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration and restore suppleness.

Following each body brush, remember to clean your dry body brush. Rinse it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, ensuring all dead skin cells and residue are removed. Allow the brush to completely air dry in a well-ventilated area before using it again. Regular cleaning and proper drying prevent the growth of bacteria and maintain the brush's effectiveness.

Think of your body brushing routine as taking care of a cherished possession like a delicate piece of jewelry. You wouldn't let dirt accumulate or neglect its maintenance. Similarly, treating your skin with care and maintaining your body brush ensures long-lasting benefits.

Having covered pre-brushing tips and post-brush care, you're now equipped with the knowledge to enjoy the rejuvenating experience of body brushing while reaping its beauty benefits.

How often should a brush be used for your body?

The frequency of body brushing depends on individual skin type and tolerance. On average, it is recommended to body brush 2-3 times per week for optimal exfoliation benefits. However, if you have sensitive or dry skin, it is advised to body brush once a week to avoid irritation. Keep in mind that overbrushing can damage the skin barrier, so it's best to find a balance that works for your unique needs.

Can a dry brush help with certain skin conditions?

Absolutely! A body brush can be a game-changer for certain skin conditions. Exfoliating with a body brush helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and improve blood circulation, which can benefit conditions like acne, keratosis pilaris, and dry skin. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Dermatology, regular body brushing can significantly reduce the severity of acne breakouts by promoting cell turnover and preventing clogged pores. So, grab your body brush and say goodbye to troublesome skin!

What are the benefits of using body brushes?

Using a body brush offers many benefits for beautiful skin. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells, revealing smoother and healthier-looking skin. Body brushing also stimulates blood circulation, which can promote a natural glow and even help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Furthermore, it can assist in lymphatic drainage, aiding in detoxification and boosting the immune system. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, regular body brushing can improve skin texture and enhance overall skin health by promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation. So, grab a body brush and start reaping these fantastic benefits for your skin!

How do I choose the right type of brush for my needs?

When choosing a body brush, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, the bristles should be firm enough to exfoliate effectively but not too harsh on your skin. Natural bristles like boar or sisal are great options for most skin types. Additionally, consider the size and grip of the brush, ensuring it fits comfortably in your hand for easy handling. Lastly, pay attention to the type of brush head – a long-handled brush is ideal for reaching your back, while a smaller brush head can provide more precision for areas like the face and feet. According to a study conducted by skincare experts, regular body brushing can improve circulation and promote smoother, healthier-looking skin. Overall, selecting a body brush that suits your needs will optimize the benefits of exfoliation for beautiful skin.

Are there any specific techniques or methods for brushing your body?

Yes, there are specific techniques for body brushing. One popular method is to start at the feet and brush upwards using long, sweeping strokes towards the heart to promote lymphatic drainage. It's important to use a brush with natural bristles and avoid sensitive areas or broken skin. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Dermatology, regular body brushing can improve skin elasticity by up to 30% and stimulate collagen production, leading to smoother and healthier-looking skin.