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How to use a yoga strap

How to use a yoga strap

I'm sure that many of you have tried yoga at one point or another, but some of you might not know how to use a yoga stretch strap. A yoga strap may seem like an unnecessary item for experienced yogis but as with yoga blocks, it can actually be really helpful in your practice - no matter what your level of experience.

Let me show you some ways to incorporate the use of a stretch strap into your routine so that you can get the most benefit out of your time on the mat!

There are two main purposes for using a strap:

1) To assist with balance poses

2) To offer support during challenging postures.

If either of these is holding you back from trying new moves, then I highly recommend incorporating a yoga strap in your practice.

What is a yoga strap?

A yoga strap is a long piece of material that can be used to wrap around your torso or the extremities of your body during a pose. The strap helps you to maintain balance during poses that might be difficult for you.

Why use a yoga strap?

In addition to using it for balance poses, I also recommend using it during seated postures where you need some extra support in order to perform the asana correctly.

A common use of a yoga strap is for opening up tight hips or hamstrings so that there isn't too much strain on those muscles while performing an asana such as paschimottanasana (seated forward fold). It also protects the lower back which is often the first place you will feel strain when pushing yourself in to a pose.

Many people try to force their bodies into these types of postures without any assistance from props because they want immediate results or what they perceive is the correct way of doing the pose - but it is important to let go of this idea of a perfect pose and allow our body to find the place where we can still feel at ease.

Safety precautions when using a yoga strap

The best material for a yoga strap is one that is durable and will not break when in use. You want it to be long enough to fit comfortably around your body with the poses you are trying and is not too narrow or wide. This is why the length of our yoga straps is 3m long.

Benefits of using a yoga strap

Using a yoga strap helps me to really focus on my breathing and the sensations that are occurring throughout my body during different poses. It also prevents me from mindlessly rushing through postures just so that I can say that "I did them" but didn't actually get anything out of doing them at all! Yoga is about learning how your body responds to certain movements, thoughts, emotions - everything you experience should be an opportunity for you to learn what's happening inside yourself.

Thank you for reading this blog post about incorporating a yoga strap into your yoga practice! The next time you go to take a class or head onto your mat, don't forget about our Rest and Digest extra long yoga strap.


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