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How To Feel Better

How To Feel Better

Practical Tips for Everyday Wellness

Are you feeling stressed out? Have you been overwhelmed by life lately? Want to know how to feel better? Rest and Digest was created for this very purpose - to help provide resources for you to feel better every day. Every aspect of your life is influenced by your mental health and there exists a correlation between poor mental health and diverse types of physical disorders including reduced life expectancy, decreased immunity, and heart problems. Not only will taking care of your emotional and mental well-being improve the quality of your life but it also makes you happier, healthier and enhances your overall resilience.

See some of our self care gift ideas to help your friends and family feel better every day:

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These self care package ideas have been curated by Rest & Digest along with providing information on how to feel better each day.

Acknowledging Your Current Position

When diving into what makes us feel better, self-reflection is vital. The act of self-reflection implies being truthful with oneself about one’s current emotions as well as thoughts. Are you anxious/stressed or overwhelmed? Or is there any other event that can be causing this restlessness/discontent?

Also, you should establish what exactly is responsible for putting you in an unhealthy mental or physical space. These circumstances differ from person to person and may result from work-related problems, family issues, sickness or injury and financial constraints among others. Recognizing what causes such problems will help you understand your situation better.

Prioritizing Self-Care Practices To Help You Feel Better

Embrace the Power of Sleep and Rest

When talking about how to feel better, adequate sleep and rest tops the list. This is not just a luxury but rather an absolute necessity for both our physical and mental health. When you get better sleep naturally, you are able to recharge your body and mind too. Therefore, lack of sleep or poor quality of it may lead to increased levels of stress as well as irritability or difficulties in focusing fully on something.

Make Exercise a Regular Habit

woman exerising to feel better

Incorporating exercise into your life is another important part of self-care which can range from a short walk outside to gym sessions or yoga classes. Research has shown that exercising helps to improve mental health by cutting symptoms of anxiety and depression, boosting mood as well as enhancing the overall state of personal well-being among others, hence necessitating you make exercises part and parcel of your daily activities.

Nourish Yourself with a Balanced Diet

Another step on the path towards how to feel better is the right diet. Adding fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to one’s meal plan enables the body and mind to get essential nutrients. Conversely, when you consume too much processed foods made up of refined sugars and unhealthy fats it may result in low moods as well as lack of energy. By having healthy food choices at the top of your menu coupled with being hydrated you can nourish yourself holistically both physically and mentally.


Engaging in Meaningful Activities

Find Joy and Purpose in Hobbies

Plunge into activities that gratify, fulfill, and bring a sense of purpose. When considering artistic pursuits to explore, outdoor adventures, or acquiring new skills look for things that are closely connected with what matters most to you. One should try out various hobbies and interests he or she has so as to determine what makes them happy.

Set Goals with a Purpose

The goals you set should depend on your desires and values. Break down big goals into small steps that may easily be achieved while celebrating each attained milestone at the same time. Let your acts be guided by aim in order to experience self-improvement, satisfaction, and a fulfilled life.

Reflect Yourself Creatively 

Allow yourself to express yourself through arts, music, writing, or any other media of expression leading to free exploration of thoughts and emotions within oneself. Involve yourself in mind-bending activities and those that arouse the senses as they thereby nourish the soul itself.


Practicing Gratitude and Positivity

feeling better with a positive outlook

Maintain a Gratitude Journal

To help you cultivate gratitude, keep a record of things that make you feel thankful by writing a gratitude journal. Concentrate on the positive aspects of life, no matter how tiny or insignificant they might appear. This way, you can not only alter your viewpoint but also improve your mood and experience a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Create a Positive Mental Attitude

Unlock the potential of constructive assertion and self-talk for a more optimistic and empowering mentality. When it comes to negative thoughts replace them with affirmations that underscore your strengths, values, and dreams. Be as compassionate to oneself as one would be towards friends.

Wrap Yourself in Positivity

Surround yourself with such people, circumstances, or media that lift you up. Shun toxic relationships; stop following bad news; ignore social media feeds that drain your energy or decrease well-being. Instead surround yourself with positivity, optimism, and encouragement whilst cultivating spaces for growth, connection, and joy.


Cultivating Positive Relationships

Foster Supportive Friendships

Supportive friendships that nourish and sustain are necessary for mental and emotional well-being. Associate with people who motivate you and are always full of positive spirit. Like-minded, faithful dreamers will be your best partners in the darkest days of your life. Remember to be nice and supportive towards each other.

Develop Effective Communication Skills

If you want to feel better in a relationship, pay attention to your communication style. For instance, practice active hearing, empathy, and assertiveness to enhance your interpersonal skills. Communicate sincerely to those close to you sharing your thoughts concerning them without hiding anything from them or being rude at any point. You can create more loving relationships through clear compassionate communication.

Establish Boundaries for Self-Care

In this fast-paced world where everyone always seems to be running out of time, if you care even a little bit about your sanity and peace of mind, then you cannot overlook setting boundaries. This includes everything from learning how to say no when someone needs an extra commitment on your part; reducing negative networks; engaging in self-care activities; set limits so as not to exhaust yourself. It also means discussing boundaries for self-care by expressing what one will accept and not accept.


Practicing Mindfulness and Stress Management

Embrace Deep Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

If you are wondering how to feel better despite challenges, deep breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques are very useful in managing stress and creating a sense of peace. By thinking about shallow, deep breaths, we stimulate the body’s relaxation response which reduces tension and anxiety.

Engage in Mindfulness Meditation

To be aware without judgment in the present moment is what mindfulness meditation advocates for, thereby enhancing mental clarity as well as emotional balance. Regular mindfulness practice has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve mood states, and enhance resilience. Dedicating a few minutes of focused attention every day can result in great improvement in general well-being.


Self-Care Goodies You Cannot Miss

Discover how to make yourself feel better with the range of treatments available from Rest and Digest. We have what you need if you want mindfulness moments, lush body pampering, or relaxation.

  • Mindful Self-Care Gift Box: This is a thoughtfully curated self-care pack that takes you into mindfulness through the Iris Hantverk Body Brush for invigorating pampering, Better Tea Gut Feelings Tea for comforting relaxation, and Bespoke Letterpress Gratitude Journal for self-reflection.
  • Body Self-Care Package: Enhance your self-care routine with sumptuous essentials. Give your skin some TLC while you indulge in a calming bath experience. 
  • Deluxe Self Care Hamper: In this pack, you’ll find the Iris Hantverk Body Brush, The Base Collective Magnesium Oil Spray, and Hayo’u Gua Sha Body Restorer amongst other luxurious delights that turn your everyday life into an indulgent sanctuary of calmness.
  • Rest and Digest Gift Card: Let your loved one select their own path to tranquility. With Rest and Digest Gift Cards, one can indulge in a range of natural self-care products by taking the time to select what best suits them. 


Seeking Professional Help or Therapy When Needed

Sometimes, even after you've tried everything, you may still run across obstacles. In these cases, seeking professional assistance such as counseling is essential. Don't be afraid to seek help. Don't stop yourself from getting psychotherapy assistance. Using a skilled therapist who understands how to speed up the healing process from depression and other mental ailments might be a great idea.


Final Thoughts

By now you already have a good idea about how to feel better. Be sure to take care of yourself, build supportive relationships, and engage in activities that make you feel joyful and fulfilled. Express thankfulness and have an optimistic outlook; seek medical attention if necessary. Dwell within others’ positive spirit while maintaining strength in your resilience as well as the belief that obstacles will be defeated en route to constructing a life that holds meaning, purpose, and worthiness.

Start now towards a better future full of happiness knowing that you deserve to live an inside-out enjoyable life.

Other ideas that can help your health and wellbeing on general are dry body brushing, using skin care tools, getting an analog alarm clock to get rid of devices in your room and wake up better, or trying out a mulberry silk pillowcase for better sleep health. We hope these products and ideas will help solve the problem of how to feel better.

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