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Self Care Gift Ideas From Rest & Digest

Self Care Gift Ideas From Rest & Digest

Relaxation and Wellness Gifts

Are you on the hunt for the perfect self-care gifts that will invite your loved ones to slow down, unwind and indulge in a little 'me' time? Let us guide you through our handpicked selection of sublime relaxation and wellness gifts. We've curated everything from rest-promoting essentials to digestive wellness wonders, all designed to transform everyday routines into rejuvenating rituals. 

So whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or 'just because', browse with us on this journey towards achieving true serenity and wellbeing. The best part - every present comes with the promise of leaving your recipient feeling revitalised, restored and remarkably appreciative!

Rest and Digest offers a range of self-care gift options, including curated hampers and bundles at different price ranges. Some popular gift ideas include yoga accessories, skin care products, fragrances, herbal teas, sleep essentials, and productivity aids. These gifts are designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being.


Relaxation Gift Ideas for Self Care Enthusiasts

Taking time to unwind and prioritise self-care is crucial. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or indulging in some much-needed relaxation for yourself, Rest and Digest offers an array of relaxation gift ideas that are designed to enhance well-being and promote a sense of calm. Let's explore some thoughtful and rejuvenating gift options that will delight any self-care enthusiast:

Herbal Tea Gift Sets

There's nothing quite as comforting as sipping on a warm cup of herbal tea. Rest and Digest offers a selection of herbal teas featuring blends crafted with carefully curated ingredients known for their soothing properties. 

Mindfulness Journals

For those who enjoy reflecting on their thoughts and emotions, mindfulness journals make excellent gifts. These beautifully designed books provide prompts and guidance to help individuals cultivate gratitude and mindfulness practices. By encouraging intentional reflection, they contribute to enhanced self-awareness and mental well-being. Relaxation gift ideas from Rest and Digest cater to various interests and preferences, ensuring that you can find the perfect gift for any self-care enthusiast. Practicing self-care is not only essential for overall well-being but also serves as a reminder to prioritise oneself amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

Rest and Digest Yoga Accessories

Yoga is not just a physical practice; it's a way of connecting mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're just starting your yoga journey or are an experienced practitioner, Rest and Digest offers a range of yoga accessories that enhance your practice and elevate your overall well-being.

Jute and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

A good-quality yoga mat is an essential tool in any yogi's arsenal. The jute and natural rubber yoga mat offered by Rest and Digest provides excellent grip, ensuring stability during poses. Its eco-friendly materials make it a sustainable choice that aligns with the values of conscious living.

Yoga Blocks and Straps

These props are perfect for beginners who may need assistance in certain poses or for experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice. Yoga blocks provide stability and support, while straps help increase flexibility by aiding in stretching and alignment.

Rest and Digest's yoga accessories are carefully curated to enhance your yoga practice and elevate your well-being. By investing in high-quality equipment, you'll create an inviting space for self-reflection, mindfulness, and physical wellness.

Herbal Teas for Relaxation

In our increasingly busy lives, finding moments of relaxation and calm becomes essential for our well-being. A great way to unwind and promote relaxation is through the consumption of herbal teas. Herbal teas have been used for centuries for their soothing properties, and they make perfect gifts for those seeking moments of tranquility.

One popular herbal tea known for its relaxation benefits is chamomile tea. Chamomile has natural sedative properties that help promote sleep and ease anxiety. Gift a selection of high-quality chamomile teas from reputable brands to ensure the recipient can experience the full benefits of this calming beverage.

Another herbal tea that offers relaxation and various health benefits is lavender tea.

Lavender tea is made using the aromatic flowers of the lavender plant. It has a delicate floral flavour and is commonly used to relieve stress and promote relaxation. The gentle aroma of lavender can help soothe the mind and body, making it an excellent choice for unwinding after a long day. Consider gifting a beautiful tin filled with lavender tea sachets or loose-leaf lavender tea for a sensory experience that promotes tranquility.

Additionally, peppermint tea is another herbal option known for its relaxing properties.

Peppermint tea is known for its refreshing taste and cooling effect. This herbal infusion can help alleviate tension, reduce muscle spasms, and aid in digestion. Its invigorating aroma awakens the senses while promoting relaxation. Gifting a collection of peppermint teas or a blend that combines peppermint with other calming herbs can be a delightful present for someone looking to embrace relaxation.

Whether you choose chamomile, lavender, peppermint, or a combination of different herbal teas, these gifts provide an opportunity for the recipient to create their own soothing moments. Encourage them to take some time out of their busy schedule, brew a cup of herbal tea, and savour the tranquility it brings.

Mindfulness Gifts

In today's fast-paced and demanding environment, finding ways to incorporate mindfulness into our daily routines becomes imperative for maintaining overall well-being. That's why mindfulness gifts can make a thoughtful and practical choice for relaxation and self-care.

A great option is a mindfulness journal specifically designed for the workplace. This journal encourages reflection, gratitude, and intention-setting, helping you cultivate a positive mindset amidst the ups and downs of work life. By writing down your thoughts and experiences, you can gain insights into your emotions, set goals, and track your progress towards personal growth.

Remember that mindfulness gifts serve as gentle reminders to pause and reconnect with the present moment throughout the workday. They can be powerful tools in cultivating awareness, reducing stress levels, enhancing productivity, and fostering a more positive working environment.

Here are some more gift and hamper ideas from Rest & Digest

A mindful self-care gift box 

Ultimate self-care box

Body self care package 

Deluxe self care hamper

A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a luxurious self-care gift that promotes sleeping better naturally and helps prevent wrinkles and hair damage. 

Analog alarm clock: This classic alarm clock can create a peaceful bedtime routine by gently waking you up with its old school alarm sound, and its analog design eliminates the need for screens in the bedroom, promoting better sleep hygiene.

Skin care tools such as gua sha tools can provide a soothing self-care ritual, promoting circulation and reducing tension in the facial muscles. 

A body brush can also be a thoughtful gift, as it encourages lymphatic drainage and exfoliates the skin, leaving the recipient feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Beauty oil for gua sha is another self care gift idea that pairs perfectly with a gua sha tool. This luxurious facial oil nourishes the skin while promoting relaxation and a sense of calm, making it the ideal addition to any self care routine. 

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