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Self Care Gifts - Ideas From Rest & Digest

Self Care Gifts - Ideas From Rest & Digest

Self care isn’t just a luxury anymore-it is something we all need. Gifting self care items is an amazing way to reveal love and care to others as well as to ourselves. They’re gentle reminders that in the midst of our busy lives, we ought to prioritize our very own well-being. From soothing teas to steeply-priced skin care products, self care gifts from Rest and Digest can have a powerful impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Why Do Gifts Matter?

Self care gifts are no longer simply fancy objects; they constitute empathy and the significance of placing aside time for ourselves. In a society wherein being busy is often praised, these items inspire us to slow down and listen to our own needs. They promote well-being by encouraging behavior that improves our physical health, calm our minds, and nourish our souls. By giving a self-care gift, you’re not just presenting a momentary escape; you’re introducing a person to habits that prioritize your overall well-being.

The Treasure Trove of Gift Ideas from Rest and Digest

Now, let’s dive into some high-quality self care gift ideas from Rest and Digest, tailored to cater to each aspect of holistic wellness. Whether you’re looking to gift a friend, a loved one, or maybe yourself, these self care gifts are perfect for fostering relaxation, mindfulness, and general well-being.

The Ultimate Box

Discover the indulgent offerings of the Ultimate Self Care Box, a sanctuary of well-being carefully curated to your delight. Treat yourself to the rejuvenating Iris Hantverk face brush and appreciate the calming brew of Better Tea’s Anxietea. Capture your thoughts in fashion with the Bespoke Letterpress Huckleberry Bullet Journal, complete with a Pen Loop for convenience. Seek solace inside the soothing results of Bach Original Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy, and indulge in relaxation with Serene Body Health Lift Perfume Oil and the Base Collective Beauty Sleep Spray. Ease into your day with the mild wake-up call of the Rest and Digest Silent Alarm Clock, and float into a peaceful sleep on the luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - all wonderful self care gifts that will make you feel energised and refreshed.

The Body Package

Check out our Body Self Care Gifts Package - a deluxe assortment crafted to raise your self-pampering rituals to a brand new stage of luxury. Embark on your indulgent journey with the invigorating Iris Hantverk body brush, which stimulates circulation and leaves your pores and skin refreshed. Pair it with the Base Collective Magnesium pH-Balanced wash for a spa-like bath, cleansing and nourishing your skin. Treat your body to the hydrating and soothing properties of Hayo’u Body Oil for irresistibly tender, supple skin. And for the ultimate bliss, enjoy a gentle massage with the Hayo’u Body Drummer to ease muscle tension.

The Mindful Gift Box

The Mindful Self Care Gift Box is a thoughtfully assembled collection of self care gifts designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit through conscious self-indulgence. The included Iris Hantverk body brush promotes a lavish skincare routine at the same time as triggering your body’s relaxation response. Elevate your experience with the Better Tea Gut Feelings Tea, expertly steeped using the Tea Pop Infuser for a comforting, soothing impact. Round off your self care routine with the Queen B Mindfulness Kit candle and the Bespoke Letterpress Gratitude Journal, encouraging moments of reflection and thankfulness.

The Deluxe Hamper

Our Deluxe Self Care Hamper is a luxurious assortment curated to elevate your self-care routine to remarkable heights of bliss. Luxuriate in the gentle exfoliation and invigorating stimulation supplied by the Iris Hantverk body brush. Complement it with the Base Collective Magnesium Oil Spray, a calming elixir that eases muscle tension and promotes tranquility. Enhance your routine even further with the Hayo’u Gua Sha Body Restorer, a revitalizing tool that relieves tension and fosters rest. Embrace serenity with Love Tea Calming Tea Pyramids, conveniently brewed with the use of the Spring Infuser.

The Beauty Sleep Bundle

Longing for a bedtime ritual that seems like a warm embrace at the end of a hectic day? Look no further than our Beauty Sleep Bundle, one of the best self care gifts from Rest and Digest. Drift into slumber with the terrific Hayo’u Rose Quartz Precision Tool, ideal for a soothing facial massage that compliments your herbal radiance. Paired with our Hayo’u Beauty Oil, it is a match made in self care heaven-promoting relaxation, nourishing pores and skin, and providing a wholesome glow. But there’s more! Enjoy completely happy nights and refreshed mornings with our 25 momme silk pillowcase including a hint of luxury to your sleep sanctuary at the same time banishing bedhead.

The Rest and Digest Yoga Bundle

Our Yoga Bundle is a vital companion for beginners embarking on their yoga adventure. Equipped with your personal gear, the domestic practice of yoga will turn into less complicated and extra fun. While makeshift gadgets suffice, dedicated products enhance the experience. This package deal includes a Rest and Digest Jute and Rubber Yoga Mat, a Yoga Mat Carry Strap, and a Pair of Cork Yoga Blocks

The Queen B Mindfulness Kit

Introducing the Queen B Mindfulness Kit featuring the fashionable Mini Brass Beehive candleholder, proudly crafted in Australia. This set includes 8 fascinating Little Lights nestled within a surprising wooden box with a sliding lid and a slot for your personal inspiration or affirmation card. With over an hour of burn time, these candles enrich diverse mindful rituals, whether for yoga, meditation, or nighttime relaxation. The Brass Beehive candleholder adds sophistication, while every candle, manufactured from 100% pure Australian beeswax with a cotton wick, gives a captivating flame for an immersive mindful experience.

Rest and Digest Productivity Aids

Discover essential aids for productivity, one of the most thoughtful self care gifts from Rest and Digest. Our Productivity Clock aids attention by allocating dedicated time to obligations, lowering strain. The Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal, available in 4 colors, organizes schedules seamlessly and includes beneficial additions like a Grid Guide and Pocket Guide. We also offer 2 wonderful Bespoke Letterpress Linen Gratitude Journals: Sea Mist and Oatmeal. Crafted with fashionable gold foil printing and chlorine-free paper, these journals offer space for everyday gratitude entries and weekly reflections, promoting happiness and organization in your daily life.

Herbal Teas

Indulge in wellness with our collection of high-quality herbal teas. Our Love Tea Organic Immunity Tea is meticulously crafted with natural herbs like Echinacea and ginger to support immune health, boasting an earthy taste delicately infused with sweet licorice. Meanwhile, Better Tea Anxietea offers tranquility with a completely unique blend of delicate herbs and spices aiming to restore peace and clarity by reducing stress hormone levels. Enjoy 35 servings in green compostable pouches, contributing to a greener future. 


"Yang Sheng - The Art of Chinese Self-Healing" transcends being just a book - it’s a manual to self care deeply rooted in historical Chinese philosophy. Authored by Katie Brindle, this Amazon bestseller illuminates the practice of Yang Sheng, focusing on nurturing lifestyles for holistic fitness. Ideal for those seeking holistic self care gifts rather than conventional remedies, it addresses menopause, fertility, intestine health, and skin health. Readers discover ways to activate their body’s natural healing capabilities, making it an essential companion for each person striving for enduring energy and stability.

Not Sure What to Buy?

If you are searching for something beyond the self care gift ideas from Rest and Digest, here’s your solution. Rest and Digest Gift Card is more than a mere gift; it’s an invitation to ongoing relaxation. Offering the freedom to choose, our gift card empowers recipients to pick the products that best fit their desires, paving the way towards an extra serene lifestyle. It guarantees they can make a significant change that enhances their well-being. 

A Gift of Serenity in a Chaotic World

In the contemporary world, these self care gift ideas from Rest and Digest offer more than just temporary relief; they offer moments of serenity, relaxation and wellness that remind us of the importance of looking after ourselves. Whether you are treating yourself or someone dear to you, let’s cherish these unique moments of self-care that rejuvenate our spirits and remind us of the pleasure in simply being human.

Here are some more gift and hamper self care gifts and ideas from Rest & Digest

A mindful self-care gift box 

Ultimate self-care box

Body self care package 

Deluxe self care hamper

A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a luxurious self-care gift that promotes sleeping better naturally and helps prevent wrinkles and hair damage. 

Analog alarm clock: This classic alarm clock can create a peaceful bedtime routine by gently waking you up with its old school alarm sound, and its analog design eliminates the need for screens in the bedroom, promoting better sleep hygiene. We also have a silent alarm clock that comes in a different design.

Skin care tools such as gua sha tools can provide a soothing self-care ritual, promoting circulation and reducing tension in the facial muscles. 

A body brush can also be a thoughtful gift, as it encourages lymphatic drainage and exfoliates the skin, leaving the recipient feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Beauty oil for gua sha is another self care gift idea that pairs perfectly with a gua sha tool. This luxurious facial oil nourishes the skin while promoting relaxation and a sense of calm, making it the ideal addition to any self care routine. 

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